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2023 RWM Bro. Brian Morton
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RWM Lodge St Anthony 154

It is with heavy hearts we bid farewell to our reigning Right Worshipful Master Bro. Brian Robert Granger Morton.  As we mourn his passing, let us also celebrate the life he lived, the lessons he taught, and the love and camaraderie he shared with us.


Our Right Worshipful Master may have passed from this earthly realm, but his spirit and his influence will forever remain within the hearts and minds of those he touched. Rest in peace, Right Worshipful Master. Your light may have dimmed in this world, but it shines on brightly in the celestial lodge above, and in the hearts of all who had the privilege of knowing you.

RWM Brother Brian Robert Granger Morton

25th June 1949 ~ 7th October 2023

Eulogy as written by PM Bro. Ian Cameron

 ~ Masonic History ~

Bro. Morton was Initiated Into Freemasonry on 1st April 1973 and advanced to the Degree of Master Mason in Lodge Union & Crown 307 on the 15th September 1973 thereafter receiving his Mark Degree on the 1st November 1973 He diligently worked his way through the many offices within Freemasonry and served as the RWM of Lodge Union & Crown in 1981 and thereafter served in the PGL of East Renfrewshire from 1985 as PG Steward for 17years attaining the Position of PGSW in 2006 and remained for many years as an active and respected member before moving to Inverurie in 2007 where after visiting various Lodges he settled on Affiliation into The Lodge of St Anthony 154. And also, into Lodge Kings Park 1386 (East Renfrewshire) and Lodge Century 1492 (Glasgow)

His willingness and ability to undertake various duties within the Lodge quickly brought him to the Chair of The Lodge of St Anthony 154 where he served as Master on two separate occasions with 7 Years in total with great dignity and high respect from his Brothers in the Lodge as RWM.

 He was also a prolific visitor to other lodges within the province of Aberdeenshire (West) and also travelling to and from The Kings Park Lodge 1386 ~Union and Crown Lodge 307 and Lodge Century over many years whilst sojourning in Inverurie.

Brian suffered his various illnesses with dignity and forbearance which is a valuable lesson on how we should all conduct ourselves. Sadly, After a period of time with ongoing treatment for Cancer he fell ill to Infection and passed peacefully on the evening of Saturday 7th October with his family at his bedside.

Peacefully may he rest after the weary toil of life. As the beautiful butterfly bursts forth from its cocoon to soar aloft in the sunshine, so our brother’s spirit has cast of this earthly tenement.

The working tools of earth have fallen from his grasp. His work on Earth is done. His Temple is completed, and he has gone to receive his wages from the Master Builder.

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