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The History Of Lodge St Anthony No 154

As written by Gordon Wackett PM


From the Minute Book of the Trustees of St Anthony’s Masonic Hall Buildings transcribed by Bro. Gordon W M Wackett 10th July 2012


After the resuscitation of St Anthony’s Lodge and its Reponement on Grand Lodge Roll in 1872 the old Methodist Chapel was taken on lease from Bro James Davidson Bank Agent and was fitted up as a Lodge room. After the death of Bro Davidson his heirs decided to demolish the building in order to erect a dwelling house on the site.

The last meeting in the old Lodge was held on 3rd May 1880.On inquiry it was found that no suitable place could be found for holding the meetings of the Lodge. The Lodge therefore had to face the necessity of building a Masonic Hall of their own.

On 4th October 1880 Bros. Allan & Milne were requested to prepare plans. On 1st November a Committee was appointed to consider plans, obtain rough estimates & report. On 13th December the Committee reported that they had considered plans and approved of one drawn by Bro Allan with some alterations suggested by them; and that they had obtained a rough estimate of the probable cost amounting to £425 It was determined unanimously to proceed to erect a new Lodge (scored out) Masonic Hall Building the front room of which would be suitable for the purposes of as club. And the plans were remitted back to Committee to make any alterations necessary for that purpose. On 4th April 1881 the plans were again submitted as amended and it was resolved to advertise for estimates. This was done and after being considered estimates were accepted to complete the Building i.e. for the sum of £379:11/-, exclusive of the price of site which cost £50.

The Erection of the building was at once Commenced, And on 23rd July 1881, when the Masonwork was nearly finished the Memorial stone was laid with Masonic Honours by Bro. Henry Lumsden of Pitcaple the R W Master of the Lodge. The Memorial stone was presented by Bros Lumsden & Fowlie. Other brethren of the Lodge also made presentations, Bro. Wyness of granite pillar in front of Southwest Corner, Bro.Laing of Finial and ventilators, Bro. Watson of Grates etc .Six Members of the Lodge advanced £50 each on loan at 4 per cent and the Charter of site & Buildings was drawn out in their names (in addition to the three Principal officers of the Lodge) till such time as their loans should be repaid when ipso facto they would cease to be Trustees. The three officers aforesaid and their successors in office would then become sole Trustees.

The Hall was Completed and occupied by the Lodge for the first time on 21st November 1881. The Billiard Room was ready on 17th December.

The Trustees Consist of the following members who have advanced the following sums on loan viz. Henry Lumsden Esq. of Pitcaple £50 William Strachan Esq. of Yokohama, Japan £50 Mr James Laing, Plumber, Inverurie £50 Mr William Wyness, Butcher, Inverurie £50 Mr John Crombie C.A. Aberdeen £50 Mr Alexander Fowlie, Schoolmaster, Inverurie £75

Together with The Worshipful Master and the two wardens of the Lodge for the time being, at present they are Henry Lumsden Esq. aforesaid and Mr William Chisholm, Plasterer, Port Elphinstone Senior Warden and Mr Thomas Robertson, Commercial Clerk, Inverurie Junior Warden.


St Anthony’s Masonic Hall, Inverurie


5th December 1881


A Meeting of the Trustees of St Anthony’s Masonic Hall Buildings was held this evening present Messrs. Laing, Wyness, Fowlie, Chisholm & Robertson. The following Trustees were unavoidably absent viz. Mr Lumsden, Pitcaple, Mr Strachan, London and Mr Crombie, Aberdeen The Trustees present being a quorum resolved to appoint the following officebearers viz. Mr Fowlie, Chairman; Mr Wyness, Treasurer; and Mr Minty, Secretary. Messrs Lumsden, Laing and the Worshipful Master and Wardens of St Anthony Lodge for the time being to form a Committee- three to be a quorum. The Charter for the site was produced and ordered to be intrusted to the Treasurer for Safe Custody.

It was resolved to grant a lease of the Masonic Hall to St Anthony Lodge & Chapter at the (Annual) Rent of £10 per Annum guaranteeing them the sole use of the Building except the Billiard Room on nights of Lodge or Chapter Meetings from 7 o’clock till 10 o’clock; And to relieve the Lodge & Chapter of Taxes & public buildings (struck out) burdens. It was resolved to grant to the “Inverurie Club” a lease of the two front rooms for the purposes of the Club at a rent of £10 per annum relieving the club from Taxes and public burdens; as an equivalent for which the Trustees retain the right of granting the use of the lower room every morning for a short time to the Bank Clerks for the purpose of exchanging notes.

The Trustees undertake to maintain the Building Exclusively for the use of the Freemasons and of the “Inverurie Club” And they bind themselves severally to demit office as they shall be repaid the amount of their respective loans, and likewise to guarantee to the Freemasons of St Anthony Lodge & Chapter the sole right of prescriptive purchase at their option.

Alex. Fowlie, Chairman

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