Lodge St Anthony 154 - 17/18 Installation

On Wednesday 27th December 2017, Lodge St Anthony 154 conducted their installation of office bearers for the coming year 2018. Considering the poor weather, a great evening was had with an excellent attendance of nearly 40 Brethren in total. The Installation team was as always first class, conducted by RWIM Douglas Allan, PM Bro. Allan Brown and PM Bro. Norman Peters. St Anthony are happy to report that we will have a productive start to the year with an affiliation and new candidates on the horizon, as well our current Bro. Findlay whom has still to be raised to a Master Mason.

Also on the evening of our Installation, a successful ballot was conducted for the affiliation of PM Bro. Ian Matthew. Bro. Matthew is a well respected Brother within Masonry and we are very fortunate to have his presence in the Lodge, he hosts a wealth of knowledge and experience within the Craft and will certainly be an asset to our Lodge. Bro. Matthew was also installed as our Treasurer for the upcoming year.

We wish to thank all Brethren who attended on the evening and we would like to wish you all a very happy and productive new year.

#PM #Installation

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