MMM Degree - Bro. Jason Paterson & Bro. Paul Ross

Many thanks to all the brethren who came along to St Anthony No 154 last night to support Bro Jason Paterson on his being advanced to MMM. As a bonus, Bro Paul Ross of St Mary's No 1287 had come along with his father who had told hiom it was a MM degree. He had not yet had his Mark so was advanced at the same time.

Congratulations to Bro Mike Stephen and his team for coping with this unexpected change; it did not throw them too much and they conferred a first class ceremonial. It was a pleasure to see Bro Doug Findlay, PPGM, back in his ML again. He is recovering well; long may it continue.

Finally, apologies to my own O/B's for the confusion due to me lapsing once again into RE ritual and practises. One day I might actually get things right.

#masons #masonic #degree #MasterMason #StAnthony154 #MMM #markmaster #LodgeRoyalAncient1179 #LodgeStMary1287

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